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RT Registry Tweaker 2.1

RT Registry Tweaker will allow you to change how your Windows 7 works
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RT Registry Tweaker is a program that will allow you to change how your Windows 7 works.
It can achieve this by changing some hidden or hard to reach settings in your system. The program can change the way in which your Control Panel shows the information, and add shortcuts that are not displayed in it by default. It can also change the Desktop and Taskbar settings, add shortcuts to My Computer, add more items in the context menu that will appear in the desktop, My Computer and the explorer. RT Registry Tweaker will also let you modify which files will be shown or hidden in Windows Explorer, disable Windows Firewall, Defender or User Account Control, disable pop-up windows, alarms, warnings, hibernation, Windows Update, set the speed of the mouse and manage the system´s behavior during shutdowns. You will also be able to set the Visual Effects that the system will use and set many parameters for Internet Explorer and Media Center. The program also provides a button that will launch the Windows 7 Services control. After selecting the tweaks you want to perform, clicking the "Apply" button the program will change the selected settings.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It is free
  • It lets you change many hidden Windows 7 settings


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